Stranded, Stuck or Broken Down: Tips for New Drivers

Get Your Vehicle Towed In A Hurry

Because people depend on their car to help them out in all aspects of their life, you can find yourself in a real bind if your car suddenly breaks down. Just abandoning your car and moving on with your day can create a hazard for other drivers. If you call for a hook-and-boom truck, connecting the towing cable to your vehicle can scrape or otherwise damage your bumper. Thus, it is important to make sure you call for a tow truce that will get you on your way quickly and won’t damage your car. 

How Does a Spectacle Lift Work?

Unlike the hook-and-boom truck which uses a boom and winch to create the leverage to lift the drive wheels of a vehicle off of the ground, a spectacle lift uses a hydraulic arm. This arm extends from the back of the truck at a downward angle. At the end of …

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